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About Us


BuyzDirect is an online shopping comparison website that allows consumers to compare prices, view price trending history and create email price drop alerts while shopping at many of the internet's most popular retailers. Our goal is to provide a unique comparison shopping experience and to ultimately allow our users to save money shopping online by making better informed buying decisions.


BuyzDirect got its origins in the industry of retail arbitrage. Dropshipping from Amazon (or other retailers) onto Ebay is where most ecommerce entrepreneurs begin their journey. This business model is successful due to information asymmetry, and allows online shoppers to buy products they otherwise would not have discovered or been exposed to. Arbitrage by definition is the act of simultaneously selling two goods between marketplaces and taking advantage of price differences. While online shoppers benefit from a more vast selection of products, these buyers are often buying at a higher price.

BuyzDirect's comparison shopping engine arose to solve this problem. Our comparison shopping website allows you to filter between multiple retailers, view 1-month, 3-month and 12-month price trending history, as well as create email price alerts for watched products. In essense, we have created a website to allow you to make a better informed buying decision before you begin your online shopping experience. We are an ecommerce marketplace that prides itself on transparency, and have created the tools to allow the online shopper to decide the best time to buy at the best price.


BuyzDirect prides itself in creating innovations to assist online shoppers with saving money. Below are some of our features:

  • Price trending history.
  • Minimum, maximum and current price.
  • Email price drop alert notifications.
  • Marketplace goods.

Use Cases

Susan S.

Susan is an avid online shopper who is also frugal and likes to find ways to save money while shopping online. Susan was looking for a CamelCamelCamel Alternative when she stumbled upon BuyzDirect. Previously, Susan had been using older shopping comparison engines like PriceGrabber, ShopZilla and NextTag but found them to be outdated and lacking a friendly UI. On Cyber Monday, Susan stumbled upon BuyzDirect and has been using the website ever since. Susan says BuyzDirect's email price alerts has allowed her to buy products at the best price.

Donald J.

Donald primarily likes to shop at Walmart, Sears and Lowes with a preference for tools and automotive. Originally, Donald was looking for a tire comparison website when he found BuyzDirect. Donald explained to us the he describes BuyzDirect as a "Kayak for online shopping" or a "Home Depot price tracker." Donald's primary use case has been for product discovery on Black Friday and finding Memorial Day Sales.

Logan P.

Logan found BuyzDirect when he was searching for an AliExpress price tracker. His online shopping interests entail patio furniture, GE Big Boy appliances and cafe appliances. Logan likes how BuyzDirect quickly allows him to compare the minimum, maximum and current price for a product. Logan now makes BuyzDirect his first stop for online shopping before checking out any other major online retailer.

Jessica A.

Jessica frequently shops for fashion and luxury items on After recently buying on Ebay, she found herself asking, "Why did my purchase come in an box?" Jessica would later discover that multi channel fulfillment or retail dropshipping to be the likely explanation. Jessica now visits before making any purchases to ensure she never overpays for a product on the interent again.