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About Us:

Our price tracking website monitors product prices for online shopping. We provide our users with price comparison tools, allowing them to save money by making better informed buying decisions while shopping online.


Compare prices: min, max, and current.

View product price history to find the best deals.

Create a price watch & receive email notifications.

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Q.How often do you update prices?View
Product prices are updated at least once a day. The update frequency is retailer specific. For example, our Amazon price tracker will update multiple times a day, due to the high frequency of price changes. We provide a timestamp for each product on our website indicating the last time updated.
Q.What is an in stock alert?View
We allow our users to create a back in stock alert when a product is no longer available. Upon becoming available again, our users will receive an in stock notification by email where they can then either purchase the product now or create a price watch.
Q.Why is the retailer's price different than your website?View
When retailers change their product prices at a high frequency, there is a chance the product price has changed since our price tracker app last scanned the website. Our website updates frequently to avoid this problem. However, for certain products or on certain occasions, such as Black Friday sales, Cyber Monday, Amazon Prime Day, or with Home Depot daily deals, it can be difficult to keep up with the high frequency of price changes. To avoid this problem, we recommend our users immediately checkout on a retailers website after receving a price drop alert email. Alternatively, users are welcomed to check back to our website at a later time, after our system has performed another scan and updated product prices.
Q.What are products sold by marketplace?View
These are merchants we work with to sell products through our website. We add price montoring functionality for these products as well, however checkout for these products is through our website rather than a retailer's website. We are constantly adding a wide selection of trending online products to our marketplace.
Q.How often do you add new retailers to your website?View
To provide the best comparison shopping site experience, we provide our users with the ability to track product prices at multiple online stores. While our Amazon price tracker and Walmart price tracker are the most popular price comparison tools, there is a growing demand to support other retailers. As a result, we are in the process of adding a Best Buy price tracker, eBay price tracker, and Home Depot price tracker. You can expect 1-2 new retailers to be added to our price tracking website each month.
Q.Does your price tracker website only work for products sold online?View
While the majority of shoppers use our website for online shopping, the price history and price alerts can also assist in store shoppers too. Online prices and in store prices are not always identical, however some retailer will offer price match guarantees when they differ. At these retailers, our product price history graphs can help users to determine if they may be eligible for a refund by virtue of a price match guarantee policy.
Q.What is a price adjustment policy and what stores price match?View
A price adjustment policy allows a shopper to receive a partial refund when the price of a product drops shortly after purchase. When this happens, retailers will refund the buyer the difference between the prices. Our product history graphs can help a shopper to identify this savings opportunity.
A price match policy allows a buyer to receive a partial refund when it is discovered that a purchase could have been bought for less at a competitor. For example, Walmart's price match policy will refund a buyer the difference between the competitor price and their price. Search our website by UPC, brand, or model to determine if a product is being sold by multiple retailers and if the opportunity for a partial refund may exist with a price match policy.
Retailer price match policies, price match guarantees, and price adjustment policies are not identical and are subject to change. The primary goal of our price tracking site is to allow users to avoid overpaying for products in the first place. This provides our users with immediate savings and avoids the inconvience of trying to later recoup lost savings through the use of these policies. Listed below is the price matching policy of some of the most popular online shopping sites:
Q.How do I track a product currently not listed on your website?View
We are constantly adding the best selling products online to our website. If you are unable to find a product, you are welcome to submit an add a product request. After submitting the product url, we will notify you by email upon adding the product. Typically, products are added to our website within 1-2 weeks of receiving a request. Add product requests received by users in the following categories will be added with high priority:
  • Amazon best sellers
  • Best Buy laptops
  • eBay top sellers
  • Home Depot Black Friday deals
  • Overstock jewelry
  • Target deals
  • Walmart Cyber Monday sales
  • Wayfair Labor Day sale
Q.What are some other ways to save money shopping online?View
We publish new articles each month in our blog about money saving tips at each retailer supported by our website. These articles include topics like money saving ideas, best cashback credit cards, techniques to find shopping coupons, and more...
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